The staff of QUANTUM LABORATORIES, INC. is headed by three analysts who have extensive experience in all areas of environmental and industrial chemistry.


Bryce McHale, Laboratory Director:

Bryce has worked as an analyst and lab manager for more than twelve years.  He has comprehensive knowledge of EPA and ASTM protocols and has a strong background in both instrumentation and theory.  He is responsible for the maintenance of quality standards and the technical development of the laboratory.  Bryce holds a BA degree in chemistry from Northwestern University.


Beth Dannenberger, Environmental Laboratory Manager:

Beth is responsible for the day-to-day production of data in strict accordance with EPA and MDEQ approved protocols.  She has more than nine years experience in the environmental testing field including all major organic, inorganic and microbiological techniques. Beth has a BS degree in chemistry and microbiology from Eastern Michigan University.


David Starr, Organic Chemistry Manager:

David’s responsibilities include supervising the preparation and analysis of environmental samples for organic parameters.  He has extensive experience with chromatographic instrumentation and EPA protocols.  He holds a BS degree in Biochemistry from the University of Michigan.

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