QUANTUM LABORATORIES, INC. maintains an array of modern analytical instruments, including the following:

        Two Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometers (GC/MS): Hewlett Packard 5970 systems allow identification and quantification of organic contaminants.

        Purge and Trap Concentrator: OI Analytical 4460A provides for analysis of volatile organic compounds.

        Gas Chromatograph/ECD: HP 5890-II configured for the analysis of pesticides and PCB’s.  Dual analytical columns allow instant confirmation of any hits.

        Ion Chromatograph: Dionex DX-120 is a state-of-the-art system which provides rapid determination of many inorganic parameters such as nitrate and fluoride.

        Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometer: Varian SpectrAA-600 measures parts-per-billion levels of metals in environmental samples.

        Cold Vapor Mercury Analyzer: Varian VGA-77 analyzes samples for mercury at sub-ppb levels.

        UV-Vis Spectrometer: Hach DR-2000 performs a variety of wet-chemical tests for inorganic parameters.

        Microbiology equipment:  Includes incubators, an autoclave, and an Olympus CH-2 400-X Stereoscopic microscope.

        Specialized instruments for measuring conductivity, turbidity, corrosivity, ignitability, and other parameters.

QLI also maintains a fully equipped general chemistry laboratory for sample preparation and routine bench-top analyses.  A tour of the facility can be arranged by contacting the laboratory.

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